Legislature Holds Re-Confirmation Hearing on Roberto


Guam – The legislature held a confirmation hearing for Department of Public Health and Social Services Director JPeter Roberto.



 As you may recall, Roberto resigned from his position for one day due to personal reasons. This resulted in him receiving a lump sum payout of the vacation time he accrued. Roberto was re-instated and went back to work 24 hours after resigning. Because of this resignation the A.G.’s office issued an opinion stating that he would have to go through the confirmation process again as if he were a newly appointed director. Senator Ben Pangelinan noted that according to GovGuam rules and regulations Roberto should have paid back all but 24 hours of the vacation pay that he received. “You had more than 24 hours of lump sum you were gone for only 24 hours under the rules and regulations you would’ve been entitled to keep the 24 hours of lump sum payment and reimburse the balance. Did you reimburse the government for anything?” asked Pangelinan. Roberto replied saying, “No. I was informed that to take out the accrued leave that you earned this is what you needed to do and that’s what I did and that’s again my following to my understanding of the rules of the guidance provided.”

 Roberto also told lawmakers that although he resigned he did not have to withdraw his retirement and did not have to switch to the defined contributions retirement plan when he was re-instated.