Legislature Honors Only Foreign Service Officer Commissioned From Guam


Guam- The only Foreign Service Officer commissioned from Guam was honored today by the 30th Guam Legislature.

In front of her father Kenneth and her friends, lawmakers presented a resolution to Yuri Kim on her accomplishments and contributions to the local community. Kim is a 1989 Academy graduate and has traveled all over the world as a U.S. Diplomat for the U.S. State Department. After her mother Jane passed away while on the Korean Airlines crash of 1997, she and family established the largest privately funded scholarship at the University of Guam and another scholarship for her alma mater. Reacting to her award, Kim says she’s thankful and honored to be here today.

“What a tremendous honor it is for me to receive this resolution” said Kim. “I never thought that anything I would be doing would be worthy of such recognition. This is the greatest award I have ever received. It means the most to me. I’m going to hang this in a place of pride wherever I go in the world.”

Kim will be heading off to learn Turkish for her next assignment in Ankara, Turkey as a Political Counselor. She says she comes back home at least once a year to visit.