Legislature OKs security camera bill


Guam – The legislature has approved a measure appropriating around $200,000 from the FY2019 General Fund to the Guam Police Department for security cameras and related equipment.

Senator Telo Taitague introduced Bill 20-35 which the Guam Legislature approved during its April 2019 session.

According to GPD, the $200,000 appropriation, together with other resources the agency is able to secure going forward, may help fund 9 additional sites under the Tumon-Tamuning Precinct, 6 initial sites under the Dededo Precinct Command, and 6 initial sites under the Hagatna Precinct Command.

 “Cameras in every aspect of the word are a deterrence to crime and undeniably a tool used in court to land convictions. Whenever we are asked about our priorities as a senator – support for public safety is the first if not the second thing that comes out of our mouths,” Taitague said

With the passage of Bill 20, elected officials have an opportunity to put the people of Guam’s hard-earned taxes toward public safety. Collectively, security cameras are a force multiplier that gives our families, school children, businesses, and tourists a reason to feel a little safer tonight and in each day going forward,” Taitague added.