Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto of CLTC Rules Disapproval


The legislature went into session late Monday afternoon to vote on and ultimately override the Governor’s veto of a bill they previously passed to disapprove the proposed rules and regulations for the CLTC.

Guam – Lawmakers have overridden the Governor’s veto of bill 139 or the bill that disapproves the proposed rules and regulations for the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.



After vetoing the bill, the Governor issued a statement saying his legal counsel believes that the proposed rules and regulations are now in effect because the legislature failed to have their disapproval passed and signed by the Governor prior to the deadline. Senator Tom Ada contends that the legislature made the deadline by voting to disapprove of the rules and regulations prior to the deadline. Lawmakers went into session late this afternoon and voted 11 to 4 to override the Governor’s veto shortly before 5:30pm. All Democrats voted yes along with two Republicans Mary Torres and Jim Espaldon. 


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