Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto of Guthertz’s Historic Preservation Bill


Guam –  By a 13‐2, the Guam Legislature overrode Governor Felix Camacho’s veto of a bill that gives Senators a say on whether prehistoric and historic objects, antiquities and other artifacts can be transferred off island without a public hearing or other discussion.

Bill 359 was authored by Senator Judi Guthertz after reports that artifacts formerly held on Guam military property might be shipped to the U.S. mainland for display at a major museum.  

According to a release from the Senator’s office,  the new law requires that the Legislature approve a resolution allowing such transfers through a process that includes public hearings.

The law states: “The Resolution shall indicate the complete  inventory of historical object(s) to be transferred, the location the historical  object(s) is/are proposed to be transferred to, and the length of time the affected historical object(s) shall remain outside the territorial limits of the Island of Guam,ʺ

The Governor’s veto message suggested that including the legislature would politicize the decision making process.

In her release, Senator Guthertz  responded that the decisions about Guam’s historical artifacts are too important to deny the Guam public any input.