Legislature passes 8 bills and confirms 24 nominees

Guam Legislature (PNC file photo)

Guam – Lawmakers passed 8 bills and one resolution The body also unanimously confirmed 24 nominees during Thursday’s session.

Here is the breakdown of bills which are now headed to the Governor’s office for her review and determination.

  • Bill 1-35, as amended, introduced by Senator Regine Biscoe Lee. The measure provides limited exemptions to small businesses under the Dave Santos Small Business Enhancement Act.
  • Bill 3-35, as amended, introduced by Senator Louise Muna. The measure exempts war claims from execution or attachment by creditors;
  • Bill 12-35, as substituted, introduced by Sen. Kelly Marsh-Taitano. The bill amends current statutes and provides consistent gender reference to the Governor and Lt. Governor in English and CHamoru;
  • Bill 20-35, as substituted, introduced by Sen. Telo Taitague, relative to reducing the Guam retirement security plan appropriation by $200,000 and appropriating the same from the General Fund in FY2019 to the Guam Police Department for security cameras and related equipment;
  • Bill 25-35 (COR), as amended, introduced by Taitague, relative to setting an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel standard on Guam;
  • Resolution 77-35 (COR), introduced by Sen. Mary Torres, relative to expressing support for the passage of H.R. 208, “The Guam Supplemental Income Inequality Act” introduced by Congressman Mike San Nicholas, which seeks to extend coverage of the supplemental security income program to qualifying individuals who reside on Guam and to further extend gratitude for his advocacy of Guam’s most vulnerable. The resolution passed with all 15 senators voting yes for the resolution;
  • Bill 39-35, as amended, introduced by Taitague, relative to authorizing additional leave through the leave sharing program to employees certified as having a catastrophic or chronic illness. the bill was passed into law with 14 votes after three senators initially passed on voting.
  • Bill 55-35, as amended, introduced by Taitague, relative to the composition of the GovGuam health insurance negotiating team. The bill passed with 13 yes votes. Torres voted against the bill and Sen. James Moylan requested recusal due to a direct conflict with health insurance companies, and;
  • Bill 7-35, as amended, introduced by Taitague. This is an act to amend statutes relative to establishing an administrative fine to a director of a member agency of the application review committee, which fails to provide required reports and/or position statements on land use applications. The measure passed with 8 yes votes. Taitano recused herself from voting due to conflict of interest.

Session will resume Monday, April 29, at 1:00 p.m.