Legislature Passes Bill to Repeal Raises 9-5


Bill 204 repeals raises for elected and appointed officials.

Guam – The legislature went into a special session this morning to vote on a bill to repeal the raises they gave to themselves the Governor Lt. Governor cabinet members and Mayors this morning.

Here’s how the lawmakers voted:

Tom Ada – Yes                                        Tony Ada  – No   

Frank Aguon Jr. – Yes                               Frank Blas Jr. – No                                     

B.J. Cruz – Yes                                         Brant McCreadie – No

Jim Espaldon – Yes                                   Tommy Morrison – No

Rory Respicio – Yes                                  Dennis Rodriguez Jr. – No 

Mike San Nicolas – Yes                            

Mary Torres – Yes

Nerissa Underwood – Yes

Judi Won Pat  – Yes

*Senator Tina Muna Barnes was given an execused absence.*



  1. Tina Muna Barnes chose the easy way out. As for this measure, it’ll go nowhere. It’s just a ploy by the senators to make the community think they’re trying to fix this problem. It’s okay. We the voters will fix the situation during the Nov. election.

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