Legislature Passes Bills And Nominations but Blaz Nomination Not Included


Lawmakers Pass Bill Authorizing Use of Limited Gaming Fund to Pay For Sports Equipment for Villages

Guam – The legislature began voting on bills shortly before news time. They passed numerous bills including bill 3 that authorizes the procurement of sports equipment and supplies for youth and community sports programs using money from the limited gaming fund.



 Senators also passed bill 7 which provides for hazardous pay differential for employees of the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness center. They also passed bill 10 which would exempt certain public sector allied health professions from Jury duty. The legislature is also voting on numerous nominations however the nomination to appoint Tony Blaz as director of DOA has yet to be reported out of committee. Senator Mike San Nicolas has said he will not report Blaz’s nomination out of committee until a substantial payment is made for tax refunds that as he says the money should be there.