Legislature Responds to Governor’s FOIA


The Legislature’s FOIA response is posted on their website.

Guam – The Guam legislature has responded to
Governor Calvo’s Freedom of Information Act request.



 According to a release from legislative Executive Director Vince Arriola any questions raised about the finances of the Guam legislature in a string of Freedom of Information act requests were resolved at noon today when the legislature posted the documents on their website. The posted documents should respond directly to at least three of the first four FOIA requests. The documents of the fourth FOIA request are due on Thursday. Arriola writes that in instances where there is no record that matches the specific request from the office of the Governor the legislature has provided available documents closely related to the requests. You can find all of these documents on the legislature’s website at http://guamlegislature.com/FOIA01052016.html.