Legislature to continue discussion on elder abuse bill

(PNC photo)

Guam – According to the World Health Organization, one in six people aged 60 years and over have experienced some form of abuse within the past year.

Elder abuse can include any violation of human rights ranging from neglect and abandonment to physical, emotional, or financial abuse. Such treatment can lead to serious physical injuries as well as long-term psychological consequences.

To address this public concern, Senator Amanda Shelton has proposed Bill 13-35, which would provide protection for manamko’ from mistreatment by classifying such acts as felonies and punishing those who would harm the elderly. According to the bill, a person accused of violating the bill’s terms saying that they did not know the age of the victim does not constitute as a defense.

During session today, Sen. Shelton moved to set aside the bill discussion to give time for the committee report digest to be published.