Legislature to Rebroadcast Meeting With Federal Delegation


Guam – Rules and Federal Affairs Committee Chairman Senator Rory J. Respicio has  announced  the  rebroadcast  of  last  week’s  meeting  between  members  of  the  Guam Legislature and the delegation led by Undersecretary of the Navy Robert Work.

The  two‐hour  meeting  was  held  at  the  Legislature  on  Thursday,  January  20,  2011.    The  rebroadcast of the meeting will run unedited, beginning at 7:00 PM tomorrow, January 26, 2011; and can be viewed on the Legislature Channel (No. 13 on MCV, and No. 21 on GTA).

Senator Respicio said: “My colleagues and I want to ensure that this public service takes place, because there is a great difference of opinion between the Legislature and the Administration regarding  the  military’s  approach  to  the  buildup.  These  broadcasts  will  give  the  people  of Guam an opportunity to see the full discussions and help them make up their own minds.”

Despite public statements made by the Work delegation and the Governor, the Legislature’s position is that the Federal Government is not forthcoming about their intentions. Last week, following the meeting, Senator Respicio and Speaker Judi Won Pat issued a statement stating that the Department of Defense has not addressed “any of the issues the people of Guam and this  Legislature  have  demanded  be  addressed  before  this  buildup  continues.  Congress  has denied our vote in the Committee of the Whole and denied funding for War Reparations. This is just media spin to try to get us to agree to something that will hurt our culture, our people, and our island forever.”

On  several  occasions,  the  Legislature  has  officially  communicated  a  list  of  Guam’s  priority concerns  and  historic  injustices  to  Washington.  Senator  Respicio  said:  “These  concerns  and injustices exist because of the Federal Government’s lack of interest and concern with Guam and our people, except when it relates to the military and our strategic location.”

“The people of Guam expect that buildup plans will be modified so that all the people who live in  Guam,  both  inside  and  outside  the  base  fences,  will  benefit  equally.  Non‐binding  verbal statements from federal officials are not the same as promises in writing. It’s unfortunate that
the  Calvo  administration  seems  to  believe  the  continuing  flow  promises  made  by  federal officials who have not been able to deliver on any of their promises.”