LegiStorm: San Nicolas tops congressional office spending list

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Guam Delegate Michael San Nicolas has spent more of his 2019 congressional budget than any other representative in Congress to date.

According to a report on the LegiStorm website Congressman San Nicolas has spent just over 79 percent of his congressional office budget in the first three quarters of the year.  The average representative spent just over 62 percent.

LegiStorm is a congressional watchdog service.

Nearly 15 percent of the Guam delegate’s budget was spent on travel, $204,000 in all, more than any other member of Congress. The average representative has spent only 2.7 percent on travel.

San Nicolas has further to travel than any other representative and the highest travel costs as a result. The distance between Washington D.C. and Guam is over  8,000 miles.

San Nicolas told the Pacific News Center that the LegiStorm report on his office expenses  is “factually incorrect.”

The congressman said the first three quarter payroll costs for his office “were inflated due to a temporary hire program” he put in place “to go door to door in each village” on island for a congressional outreach program

San Nicolas said he is doing a yearend review of office expenses now and he will “not be overspending” his congressional office budget.