Leon Guerrero defends against shots fired by the Aguon-Limtiaco camp

Because of the social distancing restrictions, there may be fewer traditional campaign rallies during this year's elections.

Guam – Shots fired by the Aguon-Limtiaco write-in campaign has been aimed at the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio camp, accusing the I’m In Team of initiating a “smear campaign.”

“We are not the ones that did that smear campaign… I told Frank that it’s not within our character,” said Democratic banner-bearer in the race toward Adelup Lou Leon Guerrero on NewsTalk K57’s Morning’s with Patti Arroyo.

Leon Guerrero spoke in her defense this morning, adding “We have not, in any way, done any kind of smear campaign.”

Adelup hopeful Leon Guerrero then told host Patti Arroyo about a single instance, wherein she met with her opponent Sen. Frank Aguon Jr. regarding such accusations. She stated, “Frank and I met once and he is totally convinced that it was our campaign that did the smear, and then showed me some documents, and so I asked him can I have copies of those documents, because I want to get it to our campaign, but he would not give me the documents.”

The claim of a smear campaign launched against the Aguon-Limtiaco camp by the I’m In team, was reiterated this past Saturday by Attorney Alicia Limtiaco, the Lt. Governor candidate of the write-in effort. She rendered that claim in her defense, against waves of criticism her team has since received, after demonstrating their willingness to stand-in front of the write-in effort for this November. A division of democrats, was what the Democratic Party of Guam accused the Aguon-Limtiaco team being guilty of, highlighting their dishonor of the Democratic Unity Pledge signed by all four teams prior to August’s primaries, through the write-in effort.