Leon Guerrero Expects to Submit Application for DOE Superintendent by MONDAY


Guam – The Governor’s Chief Educational Advisor, Vince Leon Guerrero,  says he expects to submit his application for the position of  Superintendent to Guam’s Public Schools on Monday.

Current Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood announced earlier this year that she would be stepping down when her  contract expires on July 22ed.

Leon Guerrero told PNC News today [Friday] “There is no question that I am an applicant for the job, yes.” He said “I’ve got a couple of pending documents that I need to secure, and once that’s done its going to be most likely Monday I’m hoping to have everything together.”

The deadline to apply for the position is next Thursday, June 30th. It was extended from May 16th because no applications had applied as of that date

However, earlier this month, Guam Education Board Chair Francis Santos told PNC News that they had received interest from a potential candidate in California.

If Leon Guerrero applies that would be 2 potential candidates for the job.

When asked why he wants the job, Leon Guerrero said that “At this point in time I think somebody with a strong historical knowledge of the issues that face the Department of Education would be an asset. And so I am putting in my application to be considered.”

Leon Guerrero said he himself is a product of the Guam Public School systema and his children have also graduated from the island’s public schools.