LeoPalace Resort installs new eco-friendly water softener, the first of its kind on Guam


LeoPalace Resort has recently installed the largest water softening plant of its kind on Guam to soften the water for the entire resort.

The entire resort includes all four condominiums, hotel, restaurants and the expanding 500 residential housing units.

Rather than installing and maintaining water softeners for each area, the concept of a large central water softening plant was conceived by Steve Palomero, LeoPalace Resort’s Executive Assistant Manager in charge of Engineering and Facility Maintenance and Robert Bullock of Culligan Pacific.

The central water softening plant was designed to accommodate a current capacity of 350,000 gallons per day plus allow for future expansion for the expanding housing development.

The water softener system can treat over 3,000 gallons per minute. It includes several economically and environmentally friendly system upgrades designed and installed by Culligan Pacific.

Reduced salt consumption is accomplished by reclaiming salt brine from the brine rinse cycle to be used to make new brine for the future regeneration cycles. This low concentration brine solution is returned to the brine maker to become highly concentrated brine. The significant cost savings result from a reduced salt usage and reduced drain water during regeneration.

Toshi Doi, the resort’s general manager, says, “Prior to the conceptualization of the new water system plant on property, I wanted to be sure our investment would serve its purpose. After hearing the benefits of this system, it was clear that this would give our guests and residents a higher quality of life and a more superior experience.”

Doi said LeoPalace aims to keep moving forward in eco-friendly ways.