Les Miserables school edition proves Guam’s youth deserves to be on the world stage


You can catch the hit musical at the FD Phoenix Center this weekend.

Guam – For many who are familiar with musicals and the arts, it’s well known that Les Miserables is one of the hardest shows to pull off, but with Guam’s talent, it’s set to happen this weekend. And the best and most special part about this weekend’s shows is the cast is comprised of our island’s very own youth.

You’ll be surprised to learn that these actors aren’t professionals, they are our very own youth. World Theater Productions and Step Up Entertainment is set to showcase the hit musical Les Miserables beginning this Friday to Sunday at the FD Phoenix Center.

The cast is made up of all students, with most hailing from our own high schools and colleges. But the youngest among them is an adorable 7-year-old girl, Jorji Belle Rusko from P.C. Lujan Elementary School who plays Young Cosette.

As Guam’s adaptation of the world’s longest running musical, and with the likes of Lea Salonga starring in this award-winning show, we asked the show’s producers and directors what made this show on Guam so special.

“Pulling off a show like this is very ambitious and in the beginning we were skeptical whether we would be able to come up with a show,” explained Artistic Director Jojo Urquico. “Of course we wanted to exhaust the talent on the island but it is, as you see, it’s a cast of more than 60 people and we need actors who could sing.”

The ensemble cast is primarily made up of local high school and college students with two from off-island.

“Working with kids who are not really, who have not experienced a lot in life, how and where would they get the emotions? But we were able to do it and that’s what makes it really, really special,” added Urquico. “It is so special because the kids and what they could do now is the best testimony of the hard work that everybody put into the show.”

“We’ve seen them since day one in the audition and the amount of emotions that they carry now in their performance is just amazing,” noted Executive Producer Shelly Calvo.

You can watch Les Miserables this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm with an additional showing on Sunday at 2 pm. Tickets are $25 for general admission and proceeds will benefit the Guam Homeless Coalition.