Liang Makes Another Payment to GEDA, Pangelinan Confident Final Payment in Max Havoc Film Fiasco Will Be Made by January


Guam – GEDA Administrator Karl Pangelinan says that John Liang, the producer of the Max Havoc film fiasco, has made another payment of $75-thousand dollars to GEDA.


The film was made on Guam 8 years ago. GEDA lent Liang $800-thousand to make it.

But GEDA had to sue, after Liang failed to pay back the loan. An out of Court settlement of  $350-thousand was reached. Liang made the first $200-thousand dollar payment on time, but the second and final payment of $150-thousand dollars was due on September 30th and Liang missed that deadline.

The GEDA Board met today to discuss, among other topics, Liang’s failure to make the second payment, but he was able to report to the Board that Liang recently paid $75-thousand of the final $150-thousand he owes. And Pangelinan said he is confident Liang will make the final $75K payment by January.




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He still owes $75k and I’m still confident he’ll pay it off by Jan.
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