Liberation Carnival to Open This Weekend


The festival is set to open June 12th.

It’s that time of year for Liberation Carnival and many have noticed that it has been delayed from its original May opening date.


The 71st Liberation Carnival was originally set for May 18th, but after a delay including Typhoon Dolphin, Mayor Robert Hofmann decided to push the date back to June 1st or 5th.  That date has passed and he had to push the date back one last time.


Mayor Hofmann assures that the delay has included considering the safety of the community.  The committee is making sure that all permits and requirements are in place so that the carnival can run properly. 


Hofmann added that the delay was to give the village time to recover from storm damages. He mentioned in a recent radio interview that the villages needed time to recover from Typhoon Dolphin and that people would not have the ability to enjoy the carnival when they have to budget for repairs.  The mayor also added that they are glad that the delay happened because it would have damaged much of the carnival equipment.


As preparations are underway, the carnival grounds are filled with construction workers and partially completed equipment that will be complete on June 12th. The community will be able to enjoy the annual carnival rides, the liberation parade, memorial sites, and performances.  Some of the additional focuses that Mayor Hofmann mentions is needed each year to fund the carnival expenses are the casino games.  The dice and card games will be a major factor to bring in revenue, as it is something the committee has counted on and finds to be a benefit to the community.


“The past history of the whole liberation festivities that’s actually what pays for the fireworks, the memorials, the parade, personnel, security, bathroom rental; so it costs quite a lot to put together this celebration but it’s a fitting celebration for the island of Guam. I think from flying in the veterans, to making sure that they’re taken care of; These are the kinds of the things that we find most rewarding and ultimately the goal will be to preserve our World War II history and I think that’s one of the goals for us right now. “


Mayor Hofmann added that they are currently seeking talent (cultural and ethnic groups, clowns, choirs, glee clubs, comedians, magicians, variety acts, martial arts exhibitions, cheer squads, bands, dance groups, solo acts, etc.) to perform at the Liberation Carnival. 


If you are interested, please contact Michael Mafnas at 472-6707/477-3323 or send an email to






For more information about entertainment for the Liberation Carnival, see below for a reference of a recent release:


Open Call for Entertainers for 2015 Guam Liberation Carnival.


In an effort to provide quality entertainment at the 71st Liberation Carnival, the Guam

Liberation Historical Society Entertainment Committee is seeking interested groups or

individuals that would be willing to perform at the Liberation Carnival. We are looking for

Cultural and Ethnic Groups, Dance Troupes, Cheer Squads, Clowns, School Bands/Choirs, Glee

Clubs, Comedians, Magicians, Variety Acts, Rock/Pop/Reggae bands, Martial Art Exhibitions,



“The 71st Liberation Entertainment Committee is looking for a good mix of upbeat

performances that will have broad appeal to the diverse segments of our community,” said

Robert Hofmann, Entertainment Chairman.


The carnival officially opens on Friday, June 12 and will continue nightly until mid August. Live

Entertainment will be on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 6:30pm to

11:00pm. (A professional sound system, necessary backline gear, event lighting and stage will

be on site and available for use.)


All amateur and professional acts will be compensated accordingly.


Please submit full contact information, dates available, and description of the act for



For more information and scheduling, contact Michael Mafnas at 472-6707/477-3323 or send

an email to


Si Yu’os Ma’ase!