Liberation Casino Closing SUNDAY Midnight


Guam – Mayors Council Executive Director Angel Sablan says he respects the Governor’s decision not to extend casino gambling at the liberation carnival grounds until August 16.

Sablan acknowledged that the Governor had already granted one extension until Sunday, August 4th and the Mayor’s council only submitted a letter asking for another extension at the request of Guma Mami.

Sablan notes the non profit organization was concerned the casino did not make a profit and wasn’t able to give 10% of what was made.

He they don’t know whether a profit was made by the investors running the casino, Jason Rui and Go Quang Su. And they won’t know until the pair  file their paperwork.

“This Sunday, August 4, midnight is the end of the carnival officially,” said Sablan. “As you see, some of the vendors are already taking down their booths. But like I said, we wish Guma Mami well and hopefully, they did get money back from their investments.”

Sablan states the bid to operate the casino was over $700 thousand dollars. He adds the money was part of the main reason why they were able to upgrade the infrastructure in Tiyan and give $100 thousand to the First Lady’s Rigalu foundation and the Mayors Council.