Lieutenant Governor enforces permit for use of Guam Seal


The Office of Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio has begun reviewing unauthorized commercial use of the Guam Seal since, by law, a permit is required.

Guam – In a release, Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio says, “As the custodian of the Great Seal of Guam it is my responsibility to ensure that it is used in a dignified manner that will best represent our island and heritage. It is possible that people are not aware that the use of the Great Seal requires authorization.”

Under Guam Law, the release says anyone using any representation of the Guam Seal without first obtaining a permit from the Lieutenant Governor can be found guilty of a misdemeanor. Tenorio states, “This is in no way a move to hinder businesses. I encourage anyone using the Great Seal of Guam to contact my office to apply for a permit.”

There is no fee to obtain a permit, but to apply for the permit for commercial use of the Guam Seal requires:

  • A written request addressed to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Guam stating:
    • The name, position and organization of the individual(s) making the request and the identity (name, position and organization) of the party or parties for whom a request is being made and contact information for all of the above.
    • The purpose for which the use of the Seal is requested.
    • The duration of the use of the Seal.
  • A copy of the organization’s license to do business.
  • An accurate rendering of the complete document or product on which the representation of the Seal is to appear.
  • A description of the procedures or controls that the requesting party has implemented to ensure that the representation is in accordance with the conditions of approval if granted.

You can get more information by calling the Lieutenant Governor’s office at 475-9380.