LIFE IN BALANCE: Walk with GRMC Program


Guam Regional Medical Hospital is celebrating its fourth anniversary this month, and will be commemorating their longest running outreach program, Walk with GRMC. The program continues to attract our island’s manåmko’, mall-goers, and runners to their weekly fitness program.

The event takes place every Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Micronesia Mall Center Court. Beginning with a series of warm up exercises, participants embark on a 1 mile mall walk followed by a series of cool down exercises led by GRMC’s Marketing & Communications Manager Chalorna Lauron. This free event is open to the public, and Lauron said everyone is welcome to participate.

“Just come to the mall, come to the center court, there are a couple of waivers to sign and just be ready to do some exercises comfortable shoes tennis shoes and comfortable clothing and just participate with us,” said Lauron.

Walk with GRMC has partnered up with University of Guam Professor TJ Ada, who is currently studying locomotive syndrome on Guam. According to Ada, the concept behind his study originated in Japan, and is now being assessed for all across Asia.

Locomotive syndrome is a condition of reduced mobility due to the impairment of locomotive organs. It is most commonly found among the elderly.

Ada said that early detection is the best prevention, and hopes to spread the awareness of locomotive syndrome with the help of GRMC’s program.

The assessments include a two step test and a stand up test, which gives individuals a clearer picture at where their health stands. Ada said the two step test measures how far a person can travel with two walking steps.

“In Japan to be physically independent you need to be able to travel from your home to the grocery store to the doctor and so the walking speed that they’re aiming for is the minimum walking speed that it takes to cross a cross walk in Japan,” said Ada.

The stand up test consists of four chairs, with each height testing the level of difficulty it takes to stand up from a seated position.

The community is encouraged to test your strength and find balance in your life at GRMC’s weekly event. For more information, visit their website