Life in quarantine on Guam – Day 5 update


It’s Day 5 in quarantine for Joe Passenger.

Joe, who was on the first Philippine flight back on Guam sent into mandatory-quarantine, updates K57’s Patti Arroyo daily on-air every morning.

Today, he said he and his family are doing all they can to stay positive, while at the Days Inn Hotel in Tamuning.

Joe said they’re, “exercising to stay positive,” and trying to keep their spirits high, by eating healthy and doing cardio every morning.

“We go on YouTube and look up at home cardio exercise to do together for 30 minutes,” said Joe.

He said more than anything, they’re trying not to fall into a depressing-slump while locked in a hotel room.

“We’re really just trying to take advantage of this time together, and stay positive and reflect on certain things.”

Joe said they’re not allowed to leave their room and they can’t mingle with any other passengers on his PR 110 Philippine Airline flight. The plane landed last Thursday at 4a.m. and they’ve been in quarantine since.

“All we can do is use the hotel telephone or our cellphones to talk to anyone else.”

Joe said nurses come around and take their temperatures to monitor any symptoms of COVID19. He said he and his family continue to clear the tests and none of them are showing any symptoms.

Still, he said they disinfect the room and themselves constantly.

“The food they bring us is all wrapped up in a container, but I even disinfect that container as well before we eat.”

Joe said he’s not leaving anything up to chance while in quarantine and tells his family on Guam to just stay home.

His message from quarantine on Day 5? “Please, to everyone, take this seriously. If you have to go out, please act as if the person next to you is infected.”

We’ll check in with Joe Passenger again tomorrow, as the mandatory quarantine continues.


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