Liguan Elementary PTO donates air purifiers to school

Certificates were given out to the officers of the Liguan PTO to show the school's appreciation for their donation. (PNC photo)

The Liguan Elementary parent-teacher organization (PTO) has made a donation to help ensure safety for face-to-face instruction at their elementary school.

The Liguan Elementary PTO donated 17 air purifiers for use in the school’s classrooms.

Liguan Elementary School principal Johansen Punongbayan says that the PTO got together and discussed what was needed for students and staff during face-to-face instruction.

“Our PTO at Liguan Elementary school is a very tight-knit community and so when we do talk about the safety of all, this includes the teachers and the families here who go into our schools. When we discussed those things, air purifiers were brought up and that’s what started it. We started to research it and said, hey maybe we can do this,” Punongbayan said.

PTO treasurer and third-grade teacher Nilfa Milan said the air purifiers truly benefit the school, especially the health and safety of students and teachers.

“The purpose of the PTO officers and other members is really to donate whatever can protect the students and teachers in the classroom,” Milan said.

Milan added that what helped the PTO raise the funds for the air purifiers was their dollar-a-thon fundraiser.

Certificates were also given out by Punongbayan to the officers of the Liguan PTO to show the school’s appreciation for their donation.