Limo jailed in room near DOC director’s office—not a jail cell


Lt. Jeff Limo spent the night in jail in a training room in the director’s office building.

Guam – Although he only spent one night in prison, Lt. Jeff Limo, who headed the prison department’s internal affairs division, was given special accommodations and stayed in the same building as the director’s office.

Department of Corrections Director Tony Lamorena confirmed that Limo was placed in the training room adjacent to his office instead of a prison cell like the other four corrections officers who also spent a night in jail.

The head honcho of the internal affairs division, Limo was one of six corrections officers and four others named in a contraband conspiracy ring.

On NewsTalk K57’s One Free RePhill, Lamorena explained why they made the special accommodations for Limo.

“The other corrections officers, because they were primarily individuals who were placed in individual cells, and their safety was watched out for, but Limo was an exception because of the work he had done for many years,” said Lamorena. “You have to remember, Lt. Limo did handle numerous IA investigations for many of years and we take the safety of all the officers very seriously.”

Limo and four other officers were placed on administrative leave. One of the officers, Fermin Maratita, meanwhile, has resigned from his position.