Lina’la-ta 2 revives the Chamorro Music of the 70’s and 80’s


Rose Martinez-Certeza Cha Cha Charms Chamorro Music Lovers

When it comes to the celebration of all things Chamorro,

You can’t miss with a musical extravaganza to pack the UOG field house with friends family and fans ready to cheer on the  pioneers of Chamorro music. 


Saturday night  Rose Martinez Certeza cha cha-ed into the hearts of still adoring fans along with 9 other Chamorro artists, composers and songwriters featured in The UOG Endowment Foundation’s musical odyssey,   “Lina’la-ta” translated into english means this is our life. This year’s the show began with performers that hit the scene after Jimmy Dee and Johnny Sablan

The home grown fans ate it up. The special event is a fundamental part of UOG’s 60th Anniversary Capital Campaign’s commitment to the encouragement and education of young adults by providing a state-of-the-art learning environment where the environment is enhanced to foster quality and learning opportunities.