Repair of The Broken Southern Link Sewer Pipe Line Postponed


Guam – GWA is still working on options to avoid wastewater spillage when the Southern Link Waste Water Lift Station is shut down for repairs.

As a result GWA today [Wednesday] announced that the repair work that was scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday to replace the broke 36 inch force main has been postponed.

GWA is not able to announce the work date at this time.

“While the actual work plan for the repair is nearly completed; options to manage flows within the system are still being computed by GWA Engineering, GWA Water Operations and GWA Waste Water Operations (Veolia Water Guam,)” said Paul Kemp, GWA AGM for Compliance and Safety.

Jesse Lujan, AGM for Water Operations and Acting General Manager reported, “Further coordination between Waste Water Collection Operations and Water Operations Sections is being maximized but possible water outages in Yigo, Dededo and Harmon remain potentially necessary, in the event the project proceeds.  We may have the completed evaluations of our options by next Monday, the 15th after which we may be able to fix our actual work dates.”  Lujan went on, “GWA’s plans will also be presented to USEPA and Guam EPA once the best option has been worked out.”

Should you have any questions please contact Mr. Paul Kemp at 647-2605.