List of Lump Sum Payments to Guam Senators at Conclusion of 30th Legislature


Guam – When the 30th Guam Legislature is replaced by the 31st on January 3, 2011, each Senator and each LC-1 employee of the outgoing Legislature will be entitled to receive a “lump sum” payment for their unused annual leave.

According to Senator Rory J. Respicio, Chair of the Legislature’s Rules Committee: “The same is also true for many in the Administrative branch of government. Most elected officials and employees in the unclassified service of GovGuam are eligible.”

Under Guam law, the Governor, Lt. Governor, Senators, Mayors, Attorney General and Public Auditor are entitled to earn leave. At the end of each term of office (or earlier resignation), the established practice has been to vacate any accumulated annual leave balances as a “lump sum payment” for accrued hours. Accumulated sick leave is treated in the same manner as for classified employees. Elected officials who are not entitled to annual or sick leave include the members of the Consolidated Commission on Utilities and members of the School Board.

Senator Respicio said: “‘Unclassified’ employees in the government service consist of department directors, deputy directors, executive secretaries, special assistants to the Governor and Lt. Governor, and most of the Legislature’s appointed employees. In contrast to classified GovGuam employees, who are promoted within a merit system and have civil service protections, the status of unclassified employees is ‘at will,’ meaning they have no job security and can be released at any time by their hiring authority.”

Attached is a listing of lump sum amounts paid to Senators of the 29th Legislature at the conclusion of their term of service (Jan. 2009), and the number of accumulated hours of annual leave for Senators in the current Legislature as of the end of Fiscal Year 2010 (Sept. 30, 2010).

(For figures concerning possible lump sums that will be available at the end of the current term for eligible members of the Executive Branch, please contact the Department of Administration.)

Lump sum amounts paid to Senators of the 29th Guam Legislature:

January 2007-January 2009:

NAME                               Lump sum
Frank F. Blas, Jr.               $7,019.76

Edward Calvo                    $5,264.82

Benjamin J.F. Cruz            $5,318.00

James V. Espaldon             $3,509.88

Mark Forbes                     $7,019.76

Judith P. Guthertz             $7,019.76

Frankie T. Ishizaki           $5,264.82

Jesse Lujan                       $5,264.82

Tina Muna-Barnes           $7,019.76

Adolpho Palacios            $7,019.76

Vicente C. Pangelian       $5,264.82

Rory J. Respicio              $7,019.76

David L.G. Shimizu         $7,019.76

Raymond S. Tenorio       $5,264.82

Judith Won Pat               $7,019.76

(NOTE: Individuals earn 4, 6 or 8 hrs. of annual leave per pay period, depending on length of GovGuam service.)

Total accrued leave hours for current Senators, 30th Guam Legislature:

January 2009 – October 1, 2010:

NAME                             HRS.
Tom Ada                          320

V. Anthony Ada               052

Frank B. Aguon, Jr.          270

Frank F. Blas, Jr.              320

Edward Calvo                   270

Benjamin J.F. Cruz           320

James V. Espaldon            264

Judith P. Guthertz             320

Tina Muna-Barnes            320

Adolpho Palacios             320

Vicente C. Pangelinan      314

Rory J. Respicio               320

Telo T. Taitague             180

Raymond S. Tenorio       320

Judith Won Pat               320

(NOTE: Senator V. Anthony Ada was seated mid-term after winning a special election.)