Local artist Dawn Lees Reyes in ‘A Journey Through Abstraction’


Local artist Dawn Lees Reyes presented a virtual webinar of her work centered on Guam’s natural beauty.

Funded by CAHA and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Reyes held a virtual webinar presentation of her project, “A Journey Through Abstraction” on Nov. 11.

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In the webinar, Reyes goes into detail about her abstract paintings, discussing her techniques, ideas, and inspiration for each piece.

Reyes spoke to PNC about the overall theme of her project and how it’s a representation of her view of Guam’s landscape.

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“For this particular series, it’s called Guam textures. I’m looking at Guam — the beauty of Guam — from a more intimate point of view. So looking at the way water sculpts the sand, sometimes when salt air hits the leaves and makes them wilt, or maybe footprints in the mud or the soil … and we have a lot of beautiful colors in our Guam soil … just a lot of small things that make Guam beautiful,” Reyes said.

The painted project is also currently being exhibited at the Castro Gallery at the Tumon Sands Plaza so if you are in the area and have the time, go check it out.