Local business woman helps four families who lost everything to a fire


Guam – The kindness of the community is helping to get four families back on their feet.

Kelly Doe is the owner of the Warrior Wagon through chance became the knight in shinning armor for the four families totaling 31 men women and children who lost everything to a fire.

“Seeing that a family home completely burnt down and they lost everything. What tugged at my heart was seeing the children going through the rubble to see what they could salvage,” shared Doe.

After seeing the post on social media, Doe decided that she had to help in any way she could.

“It wasn’t til Thursday night literally about 9’o clock God just really put it on my heart to really step up for these families,”said Doe

She took to social media with a fire burning within to garner as much local and stateside help as she could.

“I just blasted social media, with the Warrior Wagon this is my business its a coffee truck and I wanted my main goal was to come here and boost their morale and boost their spirits and show them that the people of Guam, we do care,” said Doe

Her inspirational mission resulted in a successful collection of donations surpassing her expectations in just a few short days.

“It literally exploded, I needed help at the last minute Barrigada Mayor’s Office stepped up, they lent me two men and a truck that was completely full my trailer was completely full with donations I raised amazingly, Guam really showed up and showed out $720,” explained Doe.

With the monetary donations Doe purchase gift cards for Home Depot and Kmart so that the families could begin purchasing supplies to re-build their homes. A total of four homes and a vehicle were lost in the fire. The families are now left living under an open canopy but despite their current circumstance they expressed how grateful they are for the community’s help.

“It feels, I feel thankful and grateful for everything that they have been donating to us. Because without them donating we wouldn’t have anything.” PNC: How about the children here were they excited? “Yes they were excited, they are happy because they have more things now,” expressed Kaliva Bilius.

When asked what they needed the matriarch of the family only responded school supplies for the children. But the families still have a long way to go til they once again have a roof over their head, they are lacking all major appliances, furniture and building materials for an adequate shelter.

While PNC was there much work was being done by the family to try to salvage any building materials from the rubble. Donations are still needed so if you have anything you can spare please contact the following.

“I am really hoping that you guys see this and it inspires you like I was inspired and call me 788-1138 go on my Facebook page the Warrior Wagon, the Dededo Mayors Office so please either way there’s a lot of outreach and contacts you can call,” shared Doe.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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