Local drone company plans to expand; eyes advertising and delivery services

Drones are already doing a surprising variety of jobs, including harvesting in farms, delivery, and inventory. (PNC photo)

Local drone company Bella Wings Aviation’s profile soared after its Liberation Day performance and now they’re aiming even higher.

Bella Wings is the company that made a splash on Liberation Day with its drone light show.

Now that the whole island knows who they are, they’re looking to expand their services.

Perla Cordero, the COO of Bella Wings Aviation, said drones are the wave of the future and she said that when it comes to drones, Guam is on par with the rest of the world technology-wise.

Bella Wings Aviation President and co-founder Charlie Hermosa said drones are already doing a surprising variety of jobs, including harvesting in farms, delivery, and inventory.

“This is sort of the beginning of what our vision has always been. Our vision has always been to create a network to connect the islands … to connect Guam, with Saipan, with Palau, with FSM, with the Marshall Islands. We want to create a network that will allow us to provide access to quick deliveries of medicine, for instance. Quick deliveries of blood. Quick deliveries of anything that’s vital to the islands,” Hermosa said.

Hermosa also talked about plans for a drone delivery system for Guam. This process is still in the works but will consist of delivering food, medicine, and possibly even delivering humans with drones used as mobile transportation.

They want to start making more waves in the community by providing drone advertising and promotions for companies and even events like promoting marriage proposals, birthday proposals, and many more.

Although these drones may look more like toys, Cordero says they pack a lot of capabilities in their small frames.

“All our drones are capable of what we just mentioned. Drone delivery, advertising, search and rescue … they’re all fitted to those specific needs or demands. We have a fleet of seven drones — ll with different purposes but all pretty much have the same use,” Cordero said.

And Hermosa says that within the next few weeks they will do their first-ever drone delivery.