Local farming co-op to celebrate National Farmer’s Market Week 


The Farmer’s Cooperative Association of Guam (FCAG) is celebrating National Farmers Market Week from August 2-8. The Association said since its formation in 2007, it has been the driving force for the promotion, development and realization of the growth of the agricultural industry on Guam.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of food security for our island and the need to strengthen our local agricultural industry, according to the Association. In response to demand, the FCAG created the weekly curbside fresh produce program at the Farmer’s Cooperative facility in Dededo. This allows customers to pre-order their fruits and vegetables and pick up their selections at the facility in a COVID safe manner.

Upon proclamation of PCOR3 and in cooperation with Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares, the weekend flea market resumed at the Farmer’s Coop with safety protocols in place. The market features food, and plants in addition to offering a wide variety of freshly grown produce.

FCAG said Guam’s farmers continue to offer fresh produce and goods to consumers through retailers and restaurants – and directly to community members via farmers markets. Plans are underway to open an indoor market retail area dubbed “I Metkao” Public Market slated for opening this fall which will serve three primary objectives:

1.   Maximize the utilization of the existing retail space of the Farmer’s Coop facility;

2.   Allow a permanent venue for farmers and local culinary artisans to market their products; and,

3.  Allow for a stable and permanent source of revenues to support the vision and mission of the FCAG.

“I’Metkao” will be the island’s central clearinghouse for farmer’s fresh produce and value added culturally centric packaged food items sourced from local and regional artisans.

In celebration of National Farmer’s Market Week, the Farmer’s Cooperative Association would like to thank the people of Guam for continuing to support our local farmers. Eat Fresh, Eat Well and Be Safe!” said Mike Aguon, President of the Farmer’s Cooperative Association of Guam.

For more information contact fcaguam@gmail.com.

(News Release from Farmer’s Cooperative Association of Guam)