Local Firm Offers Self-Defense Training Including a Course on “The Responsible Use of Pepper Spray”


Guam – A local firm is offering self-defense training, including a course on the responsible use of pepper spray, known as “OC spray.”

Brimstone Guam says in a release that its trainers are certified  instructors in the use of OC (pepper) sprays.

The release quotes local trainer Bob Michael as saying that Guam residents “are concerned for their safety ” in the wake of recent violent crimes and Brimstone Guam wants to “empower citizens” to enable them to protect themselves.

“We want to provide people the comfort and peace of mind knowing that they have highly effective self-defense tools and the proper techniques and knowledge of how to protect themselves,” says  Michael.

READ the release from Brimstone below:

Residents Now Can Protect Themselves at a Distance. New Certified Training for “Less Than Lethal” Self Defense on Guam

Hagatna, Guam – Residents of Guam can now fight crime safely, confidently and directly with affordable training offered by Brimstone Guam. With the growing number of disturbing crimes, like parking lot assaults, home invasions, rapes, robberies, murders and more, ladies and men can now be empowered to handle serious situations. They can protect themselves with the help of easily learned and effective self-defense techniques, including the responsible use of OC spray, better known as pepper spray.

Although police service and legislation exist to protect our residents, there are many times that people feel powerless in immediate times of need. Brimstone Guam has the solution to protect you and your family.

Brimstone Guam’s trainers are certified to train you in the use of OC (pepper) sprays manufactured by Sabre Red. Sabre Red is the premiere manufacturer and supplier of pepper spray in the world, and most importantly is used by a significant majority of the most recognized law enforcement agencies nationally and internationally. This includes hundreds of stateside Police Departments and State Correction Departments (ex: Phoenix, Houston, Detroit, San Francisco, New York, etc.), as well as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons, hundreds of other state agencies and international police forces (ex: Norway, Geneva, El Salvador, Calgary, etc.). Now, Sabre Red training and certification are available on island through Brimstone Guam.

Mr. Robert “Bob” Michael, a resident of Guam and recognized professional safety trainer, says, “People are concerned for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. But they don’t necessarily want to use a firearm, or are unsure about pepper spray that they’ve never used before. This is all scary and risky business, especially when untrained and unprepared. Sabre Red products accompanied by proper training and certification are designed to help people effectively protect themselves at a distance, and with confidence. It is effective and proven over years of use, and now available on Guam.”

Brimstone Guam is pleased to be the first to offer this type of professional training on Guam, and at a very affordable rate. Training and certification can be conducted for businesses, groups, private citizens and government agencies. This includes college students, nurses, joggers, bankers, real estate agents, police officers and others. Any person concerned about their safety can learn how to properly and effectively protect themselves, and also understand serious legal issues that can arise during altercations.

Brimstone Guam aims to empower citizens. “We want to provide people the comfort and peace of mind knowing that they have highly effective self-defense tools and the proper techniques and knowledge of how to protect themselves,” says Mr. Michael.

Mr. Michael encourages individuals to “Be the Victor…. not the Victim.”

Brimstone Guam can be reached at 797-3030, by email at brimstoneguam@gmail.com or on Face Book page under Brimstone Guam.