Local firm proud to have won contract to design new Simon Sanchez High School

Photo shows a rendition of the new design for Simon Sanchez High School. (file photo)

Local architectural firm Taniguchi Ruth Makio Architects takes pride in being awarded the contract to design the new Simon Sanchez campus.

According to TRMA Principal Architect Michael Makio, the Government of Guam and GDOE had a number of choices from around the nation and many companies were jumping at a chance to design the northern high school.

So for Makio, project architect and designer Cedric Cruz, and the rest of the local firm, to be awarded the contract is an honor.

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“As mentioned, the team is being led by two local boys, I’m a Blas and Cedric is born and raised here. We are both local high school … we’re both public high school graduates. We feel like we’re carrying the banner for public education and setting examples for the crew and another thing to say about it is we’re a part of this community and the struggle we watched Simon Sanchez and the families go through, it really was our struggle,” Makio said.

He added: “We have family members who are educators and students at Simon Sanchez. We are part of those neighborhoods and those residences. The Simon Sanchez struggles and successes, we feel it’s our struggles and successes as well.”

TRMA presented its structural design with emphasis on the needs and safety of the students and staff.

They also focused on designing a modern and culturally appropriate campus for Guam. The design includes more open outdoor spaces, air ventilation within classrooms, automated systems, and more.

Makio credits the Simon Sanchez students themselves for bringing about the changes and the struggles they had. He said they will incorporate those suggestions throughout the design process.