Local Law Enforcement to Join Marines & FBI in Urban Training Exercise Sept 14-17


Guam –  Local and federal law enforcement, and the Marines are getting together to enhance skills and maintain readiness to local, national and homeland security. Elements of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, the Guam Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Guam Homeland Security are partnering to conduct portions of a Realistic Urban Training Exercise (RUTEX) on Guam, Sept. 14-17.

“My officers are very thankful for the opportunity to do urban training with the Marines, FBI and Homeland Security,” Chief of Police Fred Bordallo said. “We are always looking for ways to increase training so we can better respond to emergencies and keep the public safe.”

The training exercise will be safe and secure. As with any training exercise the police department or the military on Guam conduct, all precautions will be taken. Local authorities are working with businesses, fishermen and organizations in the area to accommodate any safety concerns they have. There will be minimal obstruction to daily operations in the area.

A FBI representative, and Guam Homeland Security will help oversee the exercise. Approximately 50 Marines and Sailors of the Maritime Raid Force, 31st MEU are scheduled to participate, including elements of Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, Force Reconnaissance Platoon. SWAT Special Operations Unit, Marine Patrol and K9 Unit from the Guam Police Department will be joining them.

The 31st MEU is thankful to be hosted on Guam again, and hopes to continue the partnership and cooperation. The 31st MEU is often the first to respond to crisis in the Asia-Pacific region.

“There’s been some doubts about military activities lately,” Guam Homeland Security Advisor Jim McDonald said. “This training exercise shows the level of commitment the military has to working with us to move things forward, at least in law enforcement and security.”

This training exercise is standard and not in response to any real or perceived threat in the region.

RUTEX, previously known as Training in Urban Environment Exercise (TRUEX), has been successfully conducted in various cities throughout the United States such as Savannah Georgia, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Columbia South Carolina and San Diego since 1985.