Local man hailed as hero for saving victim pinned between semi and pillar


Guam – A local man is being hailed as a hero after he helped a stranger who was pinned between a fuel tanker and a pillar on Monday.

His name is Ben Sablan and on Monday morning, he was doing deliveries for his employer Triple J, when he noticed someone in his rear view mirror flagging him down. It was a passerby seeking Sablan’s assistance because a man was caught between a 76 fuel truck and a pillar.

“I didn’t know what the incident was about. I noticed the truck was against, pinning against the pillar so I was yelling for someone to move the truck but nobody could move it. So I jumped out of my truck and proceeded to his truck and my instinct just kicked in. I jumped in … I knew I had to get the truck away from him because the pressure was preventing him from breathing,” explained Sablan.

As Sablan explains, it turns out, it’s not that simple to move a semiautomatic engine. Fortuantely, Sablan knew how to drive a rig like that.

“As soon as I moved the truck, I was afraid that he was gonna be attached to the truck so I tried to tell the bystanders to hold on to him because I didn’t want him to just fall down,” said Sablan. “I sat down, I was still in shock. I didn’t know what to do. I noticed that he was still breathing which was a good sign. I’m happy I was there to help him and I’m glad that he’s still alive.”

Sablan said he visited the victim at the hospital yesterday and his family told him that he is doing better although he was still in critical condition.