Local nurse airs views on deployment of traveling nurses

Nurses may soon get a much-deserved pay increase. (PNC file photo)

A local nurse has shared her thoughts about travel nurses filling in the gaps at local hospitals.

Amid the controversy over the higher salary the traveling nurses are receiving, Char Samonte, a COVID-19 nurse from GMH, went on air with K57’s Patti Arroyo to speak about her experiences being on the front lines since the pandemic began and her perspective on their current arrangements.

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“Travel nurses make significantly more than locals and gosh if they’re away from their families, you know, for an extended period of time? I know there’s a lot of anger towards them but we’re at our homes, we’re with our families, we’re taking care of our community. So as much as we would love that pay, I know the governor has said there’s no funding so …,” Samonte said.

Samonte further states that with the help of the travel nurses, military assistance, and transferring some of the patients to GRMC, the load has been eased somewhat.

Samonte also praises GMH for its efforts to make things work.