Local Rapper Hoping To Shine Light on Guam’s Hip Hop Scene


Guam – Local Hip Hop artist, Chris Santos, is hoping to expose his fellow Guamanian Hip Hop artists to opportunities on the mainland. Santos first started organizing rap battles over the radio on Guam’s Power 98. This involved having two aspiring rappers having a rap battle, while Guam radio viewers would vote for a winner, where the winner would then have his/her songs aired over the radio. This competition evolved from radio to Youtube before finding a home in College of William and Mary.

In William and Mary, Santos and his partner formed Mic Hog, a monthly rapping competition that gave new artists a venue to perform and meet celebrity judges.

This week Santos is reaching out to the Hip Hop community in Guam to develop interest in Mic Hog. He is also trying to reach out to the University of Guam to give local artists a platform to perform and develop their craft back to the United States.

Chris Santos will give one more performance at the Java Hut Coffee Shop Open Mic on Friday night before returning to Virginia.