Local Vet Says Allied Health Board Wants To Revoke His License; Board Says Nothing Scheduled


Guam- Local veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph is questioning the motives of the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners because they are threatening to remove his veterinarian license.

Dr. Joseph says the board is supposed to be meeting Friday afternoon after it canceled its original September 27 hearing on his possible license revocation. However, he argues the board still hasn’t told him about concerns or charges they are executing against him. He also accuses the board of being a secret society that constantly violates open government law and spending over $250 thousand dollars in tax payer money trying to get rid of him these last 5 years.

“Ever since I left the employment of Dr. Harper, Dr Edhlund, and the others and I opened up this place…since I opened up Wise Owl, I’ve been under constant attack…constant attack by these people.” said Dr. Joseph.

PNC tried to contact board member Dr. Velma Harper on Dr. Joseph’s allegations, but her staff member referred us to the Allied Board office. The board staff told PNC there is nothing on the agenda for Friday’s board meeting on Dr. Joseph’s possible license revocation. A staff member, who wished not to be identified, could not confirm if a September 27 hearing on Joseph’s revocation was scheduled or canceled. She could only say there was no hearing on September 27 and referred further comments to their Acting Administrator Marylou Loualhati.

The board meeting is scheduled for Friday at noon.