Local Woman, Abandoned at GMH, Relatives Refuse to Take Her In


Guam – GMH is dealing with a patient who was brought into the hospital nearly a week ago, but after having been released,  she has been refused by all her relatives and has been camping out in front of the hospital with nowhere to go. Hospital officials say the woman is a Chamorro in her 50’s to 60’s.

When she was released from the hospital, none from her family claimed her.  A taxicab was called and the woman was shuttled to 3 different relatives’ homes and each time was refused.

She was then taken back to the hospital where the cab driver demanded payment for the trip, but agreed to waive the fare if the woman was removed from his vehicle.

Over the past 6 days the woman has been sitting in front of the hospital. And, GMH has been left with making decisions about her care.

The woman this morning was removed from her spot and transferred to ER.  Her condition has weakened because she’s not eating.

Hospital workers say they aren’t sure whether the woman is receiving food and water as she is on dialysis and her diet is restricted.

Workers say the Governor’s office and public health have been notified.