Long line and some confusion as Rev & Tax reopens

Department of Revenue and Taxation (PNC file photo)

The line was long when the doors reopened at the Department of Revenue and Taxation on May 18, Monday morning.

The agency is providing only limited services after re-configuring the inside to conform with the social distancing mandates that remain in effect.

The line wrapped down the front of the building and around the side.

Those in line wore masks, but not everyone was maintaining the recommended 6-foot social distance.

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Guam police and Guam Guard personnel are on hand to control the traffic and provide security. Rev & Tax employees are providing guidance and answering questions to those waiting.

However, there was some confusion and concern about the process Rev and Tax has in place.

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“There is mass confusion about who goes where,” said Ken Manibusan who lined up to register his vehicle. “There are three different lines, you can ask three different employees and you get three different answers.”

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(Photo by PNC News Chief photographer Allan Balbin)

Guam police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao issued a statement advising that motorists will only be allowed to enter Rev and Tax from the outer northbound lane of Route 16 Army Drive Barrigada.

Drivers leaving the facility are being directed to J. Cruz Street adjacent to the Rev and Tax building.

Motorists are asked to please proceed with caution while traveling to or around the area and to expect delays.