Longer School Days but Shorter School Year an Option for Public School Students


Coming next school year, public school students may have longer school days but a shorter school year.

After the legislation that would exclude Christmas and Easter Breaks from being used for make-up days passed, the Department of Education along with the school calendar committee worked together to revise the school calendar for the upcoming school year.

DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez tells PNC that with the Festival of the Pacific Arts also set next year, the option the department and other stakeholders are looking at is to shorten the school year, but add extra hours in the school day. 
Fernandez says, “At the very least, we know for sure in the elementary school and probably Southern High School would probably make those adjustments. We’re looking at the details in regards to other middle and high schools because there is a chance we may not have to adjust their schedules at all. The details are being worked out but at the very least we’d expect that we’d be discussing longer school days and shorter school year.” 
DOE will be presenting the new school calendar to the Guam Education Board for approval tonight.