Leon Guerrero-Tenorio announces more appointees


Guam – Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Cabinet appointments continue to pour into the ranks of the incoming gubernatorial administration, set to be sworn in on Monday.

New appointees include Chelsa Muna Brecht, Director of Agriculture; Melanie Brennan, Director of Youth Affairs; Krisinda Aguon, Deputy Director of DYA; David Dell’Isola, Director of Labor; Jerry Toves, Deputy Director of Labor; Richard Ybanez, Director of Parks and Recreation; Victor Villagomez, Deputy Director of Parks & Rec; Anna Marie Arceo, President of Chamorro Affairs; General Roderick Leon Guerrero, Adjutant General of Military Affairs; Ina Carillo, PBS Station Manager; Celestin Babauta, Regional Transit Authority Director; Leah Beth Nahalowaa, Executive Director of the Commission for Educator Certification; Lasia Casil, Director of Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment; Fred Bordallo, Director of Veterans Affairs; Alice Taijeron, Guam Housing Corporation President; and Angela Camacho, “Housing Manager” of the Housing Corporation.

Meanwhile, Governor-Elect Lou Leon Guerrero announces a two day “On Boarding” Leadership Development Seminar for Incoming Cabinet, Subcabinet, and Adelup Senior Staff Appointees on January 4th and 5th at Westin Resort. Leon Guerrero and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Josh Tenorio stress effective leadership, transparency and accountability in the workplace. Training topics will include ethics; budgeting; procurement; personnel actions; rules and discipline; cyber security; and sexual harassment.