Lotte hotel accepting reservations but a lot hinges on quarantine protocols

Tes Reyes-Burrier, the hotel's Food and Beverage Manager, tells PNC they're seeing only 40% of the business they normally would at this time of the year.

While the plans have yet to be finalized, tourism is set to re-open on Guam come the beginning of next month.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero had previously announced that she’ll remove travel and quarantine restrictions for travelers from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan on July 1, hoping to kick start the island’s crucial economic lifeline.

The Lotte Hotel in Tumon says they’re accepting reservations for July and August but whether people show up will depend on quarantine protocols both here and in their home countries.

Tes Reyes-Burrier, the hotel’s Food and Beverage Manager, tells PNC they’re seeing only 40 percent of the business they normally would at this time of the year.

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“We’ve been receiving from Korea but the months are later more like August and September. So, you know, you make reservations for July and if in July the 14-day quarantine is still not lifted, then they move to August. So far, there are a lot of them who want to take a vacation, because after all this, they just want to continue their lives and not hold it. Of course, we have to be safe,” Reyes-Burrier said.

The governor says even if tourists are allowed back in July, she still wants assurances that they’re testing negative for COVID-19.

Leon Guerrero says she is working with the airlines to require testing before boarding.