LOVECLUB: Inclusivity and representation through fashion

Zane Matias and Dennis Clemente are the founders of the brand "LOVECLUB." (FB photo)

As Pride Month continues, this locally owned business shared how it shows its support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Zane Matias and Dennis Clemente are the founders of the brand “LOVECLUB.” LOVECLUB initially launched digitally and quickly captivated the attention of fashion enthusiasts both locally and worldwide.

Like many success stories, the journey leading up to that success often goes untold. However, for both Dennis and Zane, the young entrepreneurs openly shared their experiences with being bullied in the hopes of uplifting others.

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Matias and Clemente made a conscious decision to combat all forms of discrimination through LOVECLUB, keeping inclusivity and representation of all peoples at the forefront of the brand.

“We represent an all-inclusive type of love, and we represent everybody. To us, honestly, we just felt like people would relate to what we felt, and we just started it for ourselves— and maybe there’s someone out there who could relate— and we didn’t feel like we were such a statement until we would get DM’s about kids just, you know— I really love that you guys exist, I’m so scared to come out to my parents— like we would get these personal DM’s— and we’re like, we’re actually doing something other than just clothes— us existing as well—we don’t take it lightly—we take that very passionately that people see us like that and we want to be allies and we want to have that safe space,” Zane said.

According to Matias and Clemente, they continuously strive to be allies to people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. For this year’s Pride Month, LOVECLUB and Girl by Zane Allen showed its support by painting the store’s photo walls.

“I really wanted our store to look fun and welcoming to everybody— I really just wanted to paint the store like full hearts in every color, and one day I woke up and I was like, it’s Pride Month, let’s paint up the store— so I literally told her let’s do it the morning of, and we just did it— yeah so the wall is basically hearts of different colors- and for him, that’s for loveclub and that’s for inclusivity for everyone. My brand, which is Girl by Zane Allen is related to loveclub. For my section of my wall, it represents the colors of the trans flag, the colors of the trans flag, because I am more of the feminine version of loveclub and I wanted to make sure trans women feel good wearing my clothes as well,” Dennis said.

In addition to the photo wall, the LOVECLUB owners will be donating this month of the brand’s earnings to charities such as the Trevor’s Project, an organization dedicated to preventing suicide amongst LGBTQ+ youth.

Both Dennis and Zane say they are looking forward to hosting more pop-up shops and community events in the future, as LOVECLUB gears up for the launch of a new collection this Friday, followed by the launch of a new collection from Girl by Zane Allen on Saturday.

For more details about LOVECLUB and Girl, by Zane Allen, visit @LOVECLUBWORLD and @GIRLBYZA on Instagram or at the LOVECLUB storefront at the Agana Shopping Center.