Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio Discusses Improving Healthcare Services to Veterans

For years, the Veterans Affairs Office has been located in Asan at a two-story, 15,000 square foot building owned by the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority.

Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio recently visited the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., where he met with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs senior officials to discuss improving healthcare services to veterans.

PNC’s Devin Eligio tells us what was discussed in that meeting…

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Among the people the Lieutenant Governor met were secretaries, advisors, and directors within the Veterans Affairs department in the Mainland.

Tenorio discussed plans to construct the Medical Complex, including a Veterans Clinic, and improvements needed to expand access to health services.

Yesterday evening on Newstalk K57’s Vet Talks with Tom Devlin and Johnny Taitano, Devlin briefly talked about the Lieutenant Governor’s trip.

He shared his insight about veteran healthcare in regards to mental health facilities, which Tenorio’s trip aimed to push for.

U.S. Marine Corps Retiree Tom Devlin, Vet Talks stated, ” I think one of the best rehabilitations is not seeing psychiatrists, necessarily, but actually sitting in a room talking to other veterans.”

Johnny Taitano pitched in on the subject and shared that a group that Devlin described exists, called GUI671, adding that they meet weekly to talk about their stories.

Johnny Taitano, Host of Vet Talks stated, “And that’s exactly what they do is call buddies, you know, discussions and these guys tell their stories and experiences and they’re doing it right now.”

The meeting with VA officials in D.C. follow Tenorio’s meeting with Dr. Adam Robinson, the Director of VA Pacific Island Healthcare System in Hawaii.

Guam is home to veterans by the thousands and many of these veterans, according to Tenorio, are underserved on the island and throughout the region.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero gave her insight saying, that “all of these improvements are designed to build a more responsive and reliable support system for our veterans and service members.”

Tenorio is hopeful, saying, “I’m optimistic we can advance this effort as our national government assigns additional resources and focus to the Indo-Pacific.”

The Office of the Governor shared that their administration will have several opportunities to advance the agenda of healthcare and services to the veterans with their federal partners in the next few weeks and months.

For the Pacific News Center,
I’m Devin Eligio