Lt. Governor Tenorio and Wife File for Divorce


Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and his wife, Naoko Shimizu, were married for 18 years.

Guam – Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and his wife, Attorney Naoko Shimizu are filing for divorce.

The Governor’s office issued a letter today addressed to the People of Guam from Tenorio and Shimizu.

“With two heavy hearts,” the letter reads, “we let you know we are ending our marriage.”

Married for 18 years, the couple now says that their marriage is “breaking” and they are moving on from their “deep emptying.”

The two also say they are not asking for sympathy as they don’t want other couples or the younger generation to get the wrong idea.

“There is nothing to celebrate here,” the release reads, “and no example to emulate.”

This will be Tenorio’s second divorce. His first marriage ended in divorce in 1996.


You can read the letter by clicking on the file below.



  1. This is such a personal issue and most people would have handled this more privately. I do understand that the Lt. Governor and the 2nd lady are in the public light and felt that this would the way they wanted to handle it. My thoughts and prayers are with the Lt. Governor and 2nd lady. This cannot be and easy time for the 2 of them.

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