Lucky Land Game Room Robbed on Saturday For 2nd Time In Two Months


Lucky Land Game Room Robbed Again


Guam – The Guam Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspect caught on camera robbing the Lucky Land game room at gunpoint in Harmon this past Saturday. It’s the second time that the same game room has been robbed in the last two months. On September 7th the game room was also robbed at gunpoint by three men. The cashier was pulled by her hair thrown to the ground and had a gun pointed to her head. 28 year old Anthony John Palacios, 25 year old Dray Jude Lujan and 30 year old Harry Vincent Benevente were booked and confined back in September for that robbery.

 The same game room was robbed on Saturday by one man in broad daylight . Guam Police Department Acting Public Information Officer Paul Tapao explains saying, “This robbery occurred on Saturday the 4th [Oct.] around eleven o’clock at the Lucky Land game room located on Adrian Sanchez Street in Harmon. Tumon/Tamuning precinct responded to an armed robbery complaint,” said Officer Tapao.

 On the video you can see the male suspect walking up to the cashier rather nonchalantly before pulling out a black handgun placing it on the counter and demanding cash. The cashier quickly complies and begins literally throwing the cash at the armed robber. “The suspect fled on foot with an undetermined amount of U.S. currency,” said Officer Tapao. According to news files during the September 7th Robbery of the same game room the three suspects made off with 6,000 dollars.  

 In the video you can see that the suspect was in such a hurry he left some of the cash behind. Two piles of one dollar bills can be seen left on the counter. The suspect was wearing a black long sleeve shirt with colored stripes, black sunglasses, a black hat, blue jeans and dark shoes. He appears light in complexion with a full beard and stands between 5’6″ to 5’8″ tall and is described as being heavy set. “We want to ask the public if they have any information if they can please see the video they can identify the suspect please give us a call at the Guam Police Department at 475-8615/6/7 or they can simply submit a tip to the Guam Crime Stoppers at 477-help that’s 4357,” said Officer Tapao. In the September 7th robbery police were able to identify the three suspects through surveillance video and they are hoping to do the same this time around. The suspect was last seen fleeing the game room on foot heading towards the McDonald’s in Harmon.





  1. The owner should rename his establishment. Call it The Bad Luck Game Room.or The Unlucky Land Game Room.

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