Mabini: CCaRe Act Signed Into Law


Guam –  Senator Sam Mabini’s “”College and Career Readiness Act” was among the 13 measures signed into law by Governor Calvo Wednesday. The Senator issued the following statement on the new law:

READ Senator Mabaini’s release in FULL below:

After a  unanimous vote of support for Bill 239-31 (CCaRe Act) during session last month, Senator Sam Mabini’s CCaRe Act was signed into Public Law 31-156 at 11:30 a.m. today at the Governor’s conference room in Adelup.

The CCaRe Act updates current GCA, eliminating the requirement for two curriculum tracks in high school (college-bound and career bound).  The CCaRe Act paves the road toward stronger curriculum, aligning legislation with the Guam DOE District Plan’s Curricular Reform, Rigor, and Relevance efforts. This includes the goal of blending “the essential content of traditional college-preparatory studies — mathematics, science and language arts — with quality career and technical studies.”

“The CCaRe Act (PL 31-156), marks an important era for Guam.  We join the nation at the forefront of major education reform efforts.  We must now all work together (students, parents, schools, businesses, public leaders) to design an education system that prepares our students for success after high school. This includes adopting an effective Career and Technical Education system that effectively blends academic and career skills development at all grade levels.  Ultimately, it’s about students, and how we can help them achieve college success and broader career opportunities,” Senator Mabini said.