Mabini Celebrates Passage of Her “College and Career Readiness” Act


Guam -Senator Sam Mabini is celebrating the passage of her College and Career Readiness Act which, if it is signed into law by the Governor,  will pave the way for the integration of academic and technical education in elementary and high school.

READ Senator Mabini’s release in FULL below:

December 22, 2011

Career and Technical Education Gains Momentum

HAGATNA, Guam — Passage of Senator Sam Mabini’s CCaRe Act received overwhelming support during the 31st Guam Legislature session today. Bill-239 was passed with no opposition.

Bill No. 239-31, or the “College and Career Readiness” (CCaRe Act), would eliminate the general dual-track curricula at the high school level (“Job entry level” OR “College entry”), and integrate academic subjects with Career and Technical Education (CTE) in elementary to high school.  

CTE is defined as a method of instruction that prepares students for the world of work by introducing them to skills needed in the workplace, and offers academic content in a hands-on context.

“The unanimous support of my colleagues indicates the importance of educational curriculum reform. By improving the existing curriculum, we can better prepare our students for success after high school,” says Mabini.