Machete attacks began as a family spat

Testimony continued in the machete case in court Tuesday as witnesses recounted the events that occurred during the attacks. (PNC photo)

Family squabbles happen but this one spilled over onto the streets of Mangilao and ended with one in the hospital and two standing trial.

Testimony continued in the machete case in court today as witnesses recounted the events that occurred during the attacks.

According to Lily Jane Reselap, Erson Reselap’s mother, she called 911 because her son was cut by a machete.

Lily said her son was stabbed with a machete by his cousin, Emmanuel Reselap, one of the accused.

On the stand, Lily Jane told jurors that Erson, Jordan Rachulap, Emmanuel and a minor had gone to Marine Lab to drink beer. The group then returned to Lily Jane’s home where she says Emmanuel told his girlfriend to get their clothes because they were leaving.

It was here that Lilly Jane said Emmanuel allegedly began hitting his girlfriend elbowing her and kicking her despite Lily Jane telling him to stop. Lilly says that Emmanuel walked outside her home and she didn’t know about the events that transpired outside until she was told that Erson was hurt.

Outside New Best Store, the attack unfolded as Erson’s sister testified in court that Emmanuel and Erson were cussing at each other and then quote “just went at it.”

In a video clip, Erson and Emmanuel are seen confronting each other when Erson pushed Emmanuel and Emanuel walked to a red car with Erson following. An altercation ensued between the two and according to the government, Erson knocked out Emmanuel.

During the hearing, jurors also heard from the victim Erson who testified that he told Emmanuel to leave their residence. Emmanuel allegedly told Erson that he would be back. Erson took this to mean that he was going to get something from his car and so he followed him and engaged him at the vehicle knocking him out.

But it was far from over. When Emmanuel regained consciousness he grabbed a machete from the red vehicle and hit Erson’s mom’s car.

Erson then chases after Emmanuel who is holding the machete.

But was this self defense? According to the witness, she saw Emmanuel swing the machete at least twice as he was backing up. She told jurors “he was trying to protect himself but then he accidentally hit my brother.”

According to Erson, seeing Emmanuel strike his family’s only means of transportation angered him and he confronted Emmanuel to try to relieve him of the machete. During that altercation, Erson was struck with the machete on his torso leaving a gash about 8 inches long and 2 inches deep.

So far, the trial has focused on the actions of Emmanuel Reselap. His co-defendant and brother Jordan Rachulap’s actions have been mentioned only briefly.

Meanwhile, the third alleged actor in the case, an individual identified as minor, has not been charged in the case despite witnesses identifying him as one of the individuals who was throwing rocks at motorists passing by.

Trial will continue tomorrow as it is anticipated that the defense will call their witnesses to the stand.


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